60% will fail in Algebra

and a lot of parents and grandparents will be frustrated by it but you wont be part of this mess

But it doesn't have to be hard for YOU

..... because we have already done the hard work.

Today, we come to you to help you change your life for the better. Mark this day on your Calendar. We know your problems and we have worked at least a year to put together the fix.

  • No more shall poor teachers be your reason for failure
  • No more shall poor foundations.
  • No more shall inability to understand
  • No more shall no time be a reason
  • No more shall inadequate examples be a reason
  • No more shall lack of help be a reason


With that in mind, we wanted to give you more than a course, we added a community. A place where you can ask any math question and get help. And since it’s a community, you can also give help. We can do this together. Making it better, we put a question mark on every lesson page, so you are just one click away from asking a question.


This course has an insane positive response. We put some of the videos in this course on YouTube, Algebra for Dummies, and the comments are just amazing. You can read all the comments on YouTube, here is the latest. I have always hated math and I still do. In high school I NEVER understood this mess, but now finally as an adult I find you on you tube and you help make it easy...thank you so much for breaking this down. You should be a millionaire, because I am sure there are millions of others that would pay for this help. Ebonie Johnson